The business designed to help other businesses get the best out of modern data technology

Agricultural Engineers - a bespoke web based system to track parts, whole goods, job cards, purchase orders, parts lookup and invoice customers.

OEE Systems - to get accurate production figures for individual machines or entire lines.
This data is analysed and then displayed on PC workstations or hand held devices such as smart phones or tablets.

Production Data Capture - Atlanticweb works with a number of automation specialist companies to enable direct data collection from machines and PLCs.
The data is fed into a database for historical analysis or to display a live status of machines and lines.
Data reports can be displayed on an intranet (plant only) web system or made available via the internet, using password protected sections, for key users anywhere in the World.

Embedded Systems - using the popular Arduino platform to prototype an Atmel microprocessor, we have programmed a number of devices.
One system is a humidity controller, used in laboratories all over the World, to test materials in a controlled environment capsule.  We have programmed the Atmel ATtiny86 chip for the agricultural industry, used in devices for cattle care and animal welfare.
Also used is the Netduino, Raspberry Pi and Windows CE and Embedded with the .NET Micro Framework, in industrial systems, such as data capture.
Production Quality Control - used to track batches or production runs so that only products that have passed quality control may be released.
This is currently being used in the UK by a very large multi-national company and they have been continually operating the system (24/7) since 2008 and now contains a considerable amount of data.
Many changes and modifications have been made to add features and due to the nature of the product, comply with changing regulations.

HelpDesk Application - a internal factory system that uses the client's IT hardware to provide a intranet (plant only) web system to log IT and plant problems.
This is currently being used in the UK by a very large multi-national company.

Online Diary Systems - to track clients and staff.  A version is currently being used by a client of ours and their clients are a number of driving schools around the UK.
The web system books lessons, tracks pupil progress and sends out automated text reminders.

Web Designers - we do not do any web design ourselves, but we write the behind the scenes code to provide database functionality and other technical features such as shopping carts.
Very good designers can produce stunning websites but may need a hand with the techie bits.
One designer last year said, 'I make it look good and AtlanticWeb makes it all work!'

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